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Contest – Your external partner

Regardless of whether you need basic accouting, tax consulting or auditing, Contest is a partner you can always rely on, because we are a bookkeeping service with years of experience in providing complete financial services.

With knowledge, experience and a professional approach we have, since 1991, gained the trust of a large number of clients. We approach each client individually, responsibly and ready to solve even the most challenging problems in the domain of finance. Our goal is your satisfaction, therefore, we continuously follow the newest technology and provide fast, high-quality and valid answers to all of your requests.

Out ream consists of a certified auditor, certified accountant, five economics graduates, a graduate mechanical engineer and four accountants. In order to provide high quality and comprehensive services we collaborate with outside experts and companies in the domain of commercial law, tax law, public notaries, finances and other specific areas.

Why it benefits you to become a user of Contest?

Financial outsourcing will allow you to leave the activities that are not the basis of your business to us, experienced professionals in the field of accounting, taxes and finances. At the same time you save up to 50% on costs, reduce the business risk and allows you to be faster and more efficient because you are focused on your core business.

Contest = cost effective outsourcing

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Prominent clients

Unique benefits

30% discount
for new founded companies in first three months of service.

Easy documentation delivery
electronically using our cloud server.

Personal approach
tailored for every client trough specialized services and reporting.

Granted security
of your data through encryption of sensitive data and using automated backups.

You are ...

  • Newly founded and/or company without employees, Special Purpose Vehicles (SUVs)

    Have ave you recently started a company? Are you managing a company that is currently not active? Is your company a special purpose entity? Are your resources limited and the state authorities insist that you give reports on your business activities on time, even though there aren’t many activities?

    Contest will complete financial operations for you, and in the field of tax and legislative regulations provide you with knowledge and experience that you can rely on. Let us take care of your financial operations while you take care of your company!

    For special purpose entities Contest provides operational support, monitors business and ensures on time financial reporting towards all key persons connected with the company, including management, owners, banks and similar.

    Our services for small companies and special purpose entities are adjusted to your needs, and for a suitable cost we offer our professional services. If you are managing such a company feel free to contact us for advice and assessment. Our services are adjusted to your number of activities, no matter how small.

  • A company with employees, but without its own finance and accounting department

    Do you need a professional and competent partner that will allow you to focus on your core business?

    If you are not currently using any accounting services or you are not satisfied with the current one, or perhaps you have risen to another level in your company, we will help you make a fast and easy solution as to what your company needs, at the same time making it the right one.

    As your partner we will keep adjusting to your specific needs. We provide our clients with reports (monthly, quarterly, year-end review) that are adapted to their needs, language and classification of accounts.

    Contest will offer you a complete service: professionalism in the field of accounting and finances, tax regulations and consulting, reporting and auditing.

    The main goal is to provide you with support that requires the minimum amount of involvement from your side so that you can dedicate your time to activities that are important for the development of your company.

  • A company with its own finance and accounting department

    You have developed your own department for finances and accounting. You are not certain whether further development of your accounting should be included in the development of your company? You want to unload the work that is not profitable? At the some time you need to be more productive and focus on your core business to remain competitive on the market. The solution for you is outsourcing. Save money and be more productive at the some time.

    Contest offers you complete or partial transition from your in-house financial management to an outside service provider. Monitoring your business can be done from both our program and/or yours. This approach is cost effective and helps our clients be more competitive on the market.

    We provide our clients with reports (monthly, quarterly, year-end review) that are adapted to their needs, language and classification of accounts.

    We can prepare payroll calculations for your entire company or just single departments with the maximum possible protection of data for each payroll report.
    We will adjust the level of service to meet the seasonal needs of your business, especially for foreign companies so that they have the same level of service they are used to having in their own countries.

    Why invest in expensive in-house financial management when somebody else is eager and willing to invest in you?

  • Your company needs an auditor

    Croatian accounting law recognises companies as micro, small, medium or large. Because of these categories some companies are obligated to do an audit of their year end reports.

    Lately we have noticed that audits that are not the legal obligation of companies have became a trend, wether they be of financial reports or business audits. Owners of mostly small and middle companies, that have been in business more than ten years, have found their place on the market, organised their in-house structure, gained some experience but have also garnered some doubts about their business management.

    They do not worry whether they are doing something illegal, they worry whether they made some formal mistakes or do they know how to solve specific problems and they need some advice on how to solve unusual or exceptional situations.
    Croatian law does not require all limited liability companies to prepare audit reports. Despite that, companies want to have someone who is independent and professional evaluate their business management, with special emphasis on accordance to law regulations.

    With our experience, professionalism and knowledge of all legal issues and problematic areas we are ready to carry out the audits professionally, independently and objectively.

  • Representative office or branch office

    In business terminology people often compare representative office with branch office, but between those two there exists a significant difference.

    A branch office is an office established by a company to conduct many operations generally in a foreign country (in this case Croatia) and has legal person status.

    A representative office may be established in Croatia by any foreign entity engaging in business and by any national or international business association. It may be established for the purpose of market research, promotion, provision of information and representation. A representative office is not a legal entity and is considered part of the entity that has established it. It may not carry out operations that the founder naturally performs, but may only carry out activities as ordered by the founder. If a representative office employs Croatian citizens then their labour relations, payrolls and other working conditions are subject to to Croatian law.

    Contest will do financial operations for you, and in a field of tax regulations and legislative regulations will gives you knowledge and experience that you can rely on.
    As your external partner we adjust to your specific needs.


Accounting services

We offer accounting services in accordance with the Law on accounting, Croatian and international accounting standards and the standards of financial reporting (depending on the size and needs of the client) as well as tax regulations.

  • development of accounting policies and the chart of accounts according to the specific needs of each client
  • management of financial accounting: diary and ledger
  • analytical accounting and subsidiary ledgers
  • fixed assets with the calculation of depreciation, the balance of accounts receivable and payable, petty cash, book of travel orders and other documents according to your specific needs
  • booking incoming and outgoing invoices and their classification
  • completion of reports for government institutions
  • recapitulation of assets and liabilities
  • creation of tax records
  • payments
  • invoicing
  • delivery and collection of documents
  • availability of data 24/7

Human resources

An increasing number of companies are following the trend of outsourcing their payroll calculation which increases its efficiency and reduces the risks connected with managing the records of human resources. Payroll services are performed in accordance with the regulations of the Income Tax Law, the Labor Law and other regulations governing the area of salaries and other incomes.

  • registration of employees
  • administration of contracts
  • calculation of salaries, contributions, commissions, bonuses, etc
  • payments and records
  • completion of reports for government institutions and employees – payment of wages via internet banking

Accounting and payroll services are performed in our program or, if necessary, in the program of our client.


Audit as an independent service primarily serves the owner of the company or investors, so they can be sure the figures representing the company are reliable, accurate and authentic.

  • audit of limited liability companies
  • audit of other legal subjects (non-profit organizations, etc)
  • other forms of audit (the increase and decrease of share capital, the transfer of loans into the share capital of the company, consolidation, merger, division …)
  • audit of consolidated balance sheets of whole groups

A large part of our audit services refers to small and medium-sized limited liability companies owned by foreign investors, who are not legally obligated to audit, but it is performed at the request of and in the interest of their owners (review).

Consulting and Reporting

We offer a complete service – legal, tax and business consulting. With our individual approach we assist in the optimisation of business by linking tax and accounting regulations.

Our advisory services include:

  • accounting consulting
  • advice on the interpretation of tax regulations
  • tax representation
  • tax planning
  • advice regarding business activities – mergers and acquisitions, liquidation processes and similar
  • creation of reports for monitoring investments and projects
  • creation of reports for management purposes including income statement, balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow, payables and receivables
  • consolidated reports
  • communication with government institutions
Virtual office

Service of providing the company headquarters

Designed for companies, entrepreneurs, foreign branches, representative offices and anyone looking for minimally demanding administrative arrangements. With a virtual office, all the work you need to do can be done from a remote location, but you specify the address of the business center in the center of Zagreb.

The service includes:

  • a label with the company logo on the front of the building
  • mailbox
  • receiving calls on your behalf
  • basic printing, faxing and scanning
  • receiving and forwarding messages to an email address
  • archiving documents in accordance with applicable Croatian regulations

Establishing a company

The service is intended for domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities that whish to do business in Croatia. We complete the establishment of a limited liability company (after receiving all required documentation from the client) and introducing the client with the tax laws of Croatia.

The service of establishing a company includes:

  • checking the availability of names
  • creating the social contract
  • registration of the company and registration with the court register
  • opening a bank account
  • creating stamps
  • allocation of activity according to NACE
  • registering the company with the tax administration
  • registering the company with the Institute for pension and health insurance
  • creation of employment contracts and employee registration
  • reation of employment contracts and employee registration use of the company address for one year

Request a Quote

If you are not currently using an accounting services or you are not satisfied with your current solution, we will help you to quickly and easily select the right solution for your company. We will select a service package that best suits your needs and send you an offer according to your wishes and arrange a meeting and a non-binding presentation.

Office 1: Zavrtnica 17, zgrada 7, Zagreb
Office 2: Prilaz Gjure Deželića 65, Zagreb
Phone: 01 46 66 304

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